honestly, sweetheart, I have tried but this world still seems stranger to me and I do not want to trust anyone, I do not want to talk or explain, Yesterday when I woke up Things were quite different, I have never felt so peaceful in past few months, as if you came to take away everything that was bothering me. I am relying on few facts and I do not hate people around me, It is that unless I have around me the world is logically illogical, slowly the voice inside me has started to talk, we have talked a lot yesterday and coincidently I remember all our chit-chats. we played chess without rules, we made steps and failed but that was fun. The food at flight was not wonderful but since we ate it together after a long time. reaching the spot, the weather is no different than Kanyakumari but the ambiance is speaking a lot. There is a spiritual power around us. Shooting has started and I am sleeping on set, the youngest member of the crew. Separated couples were tying knots on desire tree, the director seems irritated since childhood. You know something is there in the weather, something which needs some clarification from within, I feel deep satisfaction, powerful and a sudden change.
They have ordered food, Time zone varies not so long but the difference between our hearts have desirably reduced. I can feel you stronger.


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