while I have tasted the Indonesian Food today, my taste buds are missing your Handmade pasta. So many memories emerging all of a sudden, sitting behind you, on the bike, sudden brushes of rain, exam pressure, we have seen so much together is not it? While I was trying not to face them but these memories are so natural, I could not avoid them, They came to me without reason but for a reason I suppose. While I was making a coffee the machine almost flattered me with its click. I just want to spend some more time with you, I feel free today, kind of feeling I always desired. The doctor called me yesterday I explained to her why can not I Attend her session last two days, I did not want to do it anymore, everything I needed was fairly provided. Bhaiya is sending me weird Emoticons on Skype and sometimes I wonder is it Me who made him so strange but cute. His bright smile brings me back to focus, towards my dream and success makes sound sense to me now. I feel successful, now I know how to Pray for myself and there is nothing wrong in desiring for my needs and desires. Nights nowadays are so full of you that my thirst and food is your one thought.


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