Rely on Me

I have finally found door towards you and the courage to speak the truth without wondering for the consequences. This new me is Gift to you from you, The journey was not easy and you know what we have felt during this whole lot of sacrifices important decisions about life and now I feel mature. I feel I am a bit grown up, soon things are going to be different because our long term dream is going to manifest itself from the single idea you left behind for us. This new venture is not just a dream to us, it is how we will show the world that you still exist.
Today I feel quite tired, I am not quitting with the concept that every Human is a different species but I feel tired. I do not want to deal this slot for sometimes, I feel I am privileged and desirably allowed to stay aloof for some time. This tour to Bali will make some sense. our first documentary for the story will start from there. I am all ready for this new beginning, and while I come back the Office will start itself.
I am switching off my cell phone because I am not in a schedule to explain anything, I can not change them and I do not want to but at the moment I can not take them as they are, sometimes people are irritating and irresistibly stupid.
I can not understand them, they must have gone through a lot of ignorance to talk like that but if I stay there with them again I will have to attend all those tentative sessions again.
The journey where I feel healed of all those diseases I had, The happiness of being finally Disease free and the answer to everything that I was seeking and how easily you gave me reasons to sit quietly and let answers unfold. I finally know why things happened that way, I finally know how powerful we all are from inside, I finally know how to say a NO and it is a new beginning, not just professionally but personally.
I am just trying to figure out things without trying to involve in it. I do not want any lady to randomly tell me how stupid things are outside, my belief was enough challenged and I in no way going to deal such melancholy of drama. Tonight let it be just you and me, let us talk about Horses, how we should bake a cake, your favorite color, about mistakes and decisions. Let us talk ‘What Ifs’, let us laugh a bit and forgive, let us let go and accept. I know things have moved a lot and so this whole lot of happiness has changed our definition. I promise to stay with you tonight, I know surprisingly it is annoying to few people about I being Selfish suddenly, I am just reflecting their expectations. I am not any state to deal those misunderstandings and all those wonderful things happening to me all of a sudden, I feel immense gratitude towards life’s Good actions.
Hey baby,
it is so beautiful, isn’t it? the wind outside, clear sky with skinny stars all spread like butter and butterscotch in the thin bread, I am hungry may be, My flight take-offs in few hours but the air feels light, imagine the air is so strong, being invisible it will take everything to itself and help us reach safely to another dimension of the same consciousness. I feel to talk to you a lot, I want to just talk, I just want to talk to you, about us, I just want to be heard right now, I am not everything, but that is not Nothingness, I am just a normal girl with dreams like any other body. I am just trying to seek happiness out of my own business, Please do not let people tell me I am not made for something and I am wasting time, You know this right how much technology fascinates me, their words does not define me, maybe I am just taking people really seriously. I should learn how to ignore and yet love people without attachment.
Past few days had been really hectic, is not it? did you hear all that I have talked to you about? Around the corners when things will be wet let me send you some rest so that you wake up at your bed peacefully. I know there are many other circumstances running right now but let us face it, with you nothing can Harm me, with you I am safe and with you Everything is possible.
Few months to all these messes and I am just wondering if I could skip everything and stay with you, talk and love.
Let us do this, let us go back home, let us switch off everything that speaks non-tales, and watch cartoon network, make popcorn and eat irregular chapati. I know I am talking like a maniac today but I feel very much fond of this new tradition, I am missing you and I wished if You appeared to me suddenly. I am a little afraid sweetie and this makes me weak , but your thoughts give me strength. Can you see this new blue top I am wearing today? After a long I went for a shopping, It was healer, this old Hindi Playlist from your cell phone I found last week makes me Dance to my feet, as if we are dancing on this platform, flight announcements and people are making no sense. The director is looking at me suspiciously as if he read my desire to run away from this. Does not matter, as long as I have you nothing is going to bother me now. Can you figure out something? round the corner I figured out that I have never felt myself around people, I felt how they thought I am and that was ignorance. Thank you for everything, I feel sleepy and tired, I am imagining that this pillow is your shoulder, let me rest there for some time. I love you beyond anything could describe and I am missing you, Be with me.


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