‘This will not end here, not so soon. There are things we will need to neutralize, at least the days when my Family has cried because of you. Even if you will not see the context of this anger in a saint but the pain will always submerge you into the lands where foreseen act of God’s graces are present. It is hard to believe that Betrayals are hard to neglect but I think I have been through enough and it must not be taken as my primary weakness. Today I hold power of Lord and he is there for me. I know the teachings of Bhagwat, I know the teachings of Vedanta. I know what to do and when to do it. I am not saying I know It all, but at least I know what to do now. It is not a revenge so never think I am adding on my actions, It is just a reflection from my lord to you about everything You did to me, to my and family and to others.

Even if you do not remember I will make sure you do, I will make sure that you feel it and God will make sure you feel why even doing right in your part for never right. Have you heard of the fact why Shishupal was killed even being closest relatives to Sri Krishna, You must know that you hiding behind the name of religion, your poise cast and God will not save you anymore. You will have to Face your own Actions now, Through me.’

Through You forever to be


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