Enough, Said my Mind,
Enough of sowing seeds for others,
Why Don’t You Understand that Life Starts with ME
and there is no Other.
Either You understand or not
but the wind flows for all
You should give away your Ego and Know
nothing at all
all you do is not your doing
and all you have is not your belonging
Be humble and allow God to take his Part
he was forgiving to us and he must
You should make yourself Strong but Be humble
You will see yourself grow but only when he crawl
It is not what you are doing, it is not you who is doing
You do nothing, You are nothing
and that is the truth,
be humble MYSELF, Be humble
It is all he Does, It is all that he has
Turn your ego and Be humble,
Allow the life to flow, to reveal and to sing
Only when you give all you have and more will come
If you could understand this, You stupid, You would have gained a lot
but now that you do not seem to run, Sit down and count,
It is not late, Just be yourself and find your fate,
it is not you who do everything, It is not you who has everything,
be humble MYSELF, be HUMBLE


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