January 2k16

January, 2k16

Direct me to the path which leads me to you, where love has no definition and those footprints are visible even if they are not. While I wonder to this I realize there is a ‘somehow’ to it. We talk endlessly without interacting and I can hear you, may not always but recently. How could you chance this with your pretty little ears? To counsel this I will tell you something that it’s not normal to have you, it is extraordinary, it is godlike, the similar god which resides on us, above us and within us. You made me recognize that god, you helped me to find the lost secrets of myself. It is not natural, it is god-ary. You might not remember our small meetings but I do come to see you, you were restless and sleepless but I reminded you of me, it wasn’t easy for us but we got through, see how much potential a human heart can hold. Each time I saw you telling someone about me I felt little awkward, not the kind of blush but the butterfly. Hold me, kiss me, tell me jokes and when we meet we will talk about it. Have you felt the ‘crazy’ in your head about the talking guardians I told you about? Have you felt those whispering days? I am sure you don’t want to tell me about that, I am sure you are afraid of telling people what we are to each other.

Your smile honey! It makes me crazy and not that one last thing I would want in this life but to something which would define nothingness.


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