Yours Sincerely

‘ well every letter that I wrote has a purpose but not this one, it came to me and made me flicker in to send it to you, not that I know that you hate growing up but with all that you have given me I feel little grown up and matured with time. Growing up is fun sweetheart trust me, aging is great, with time we try to accept ourselves and then at some point our identity lies in this body, the real test is when we have to leave it, recognize yourself inwards out and forgive the stupid. I know this is really hard for you to think that way now, I know you are angry, and that makes sense. I am not going to say don’t be but try not to be. Anger comes to you when there is ignorance and you have the knowledge use it and don’t worry, ‘hakuna Matata’. You have got to tell me your best stories sweetheart you have got to tell me what made you cry, you share your pain with me and I will tell you that how much you missed in the middle of everything. You have got to see all these and tell me that where you were stuck at the last, count on your life from now and don’t look back, there are no clues left there just a few smells of past. Sweetie! Grow up, stop waiting for people, I know there is another side of the story but stop narrating yourself the same old ones again and again. You are wonderful and believe me when I tell you that. Along the way we grew up I have found your change in many ways but that doesn’t alter my love for you because what I love about you is different than what you believe in you.
You remember our pets lately? All your dear ones? Do you remember our best friends? Forgiveness means forgiving not waiting for them to apologise to you. Let go of them, they do not know that you have been waiting for them. Come on don’t hurry up explaining, you don’t need to, it’s alright if they don’t understands it or envy you or throws you tantrums or mock you, you know what you have to do, hold on the knowledge that you have and be unique in your own way, no one would be able to be who you are.
Now should I remind you, some of your best qualities? About all those beautiful feelings that you hold, unconditional love and understanding humanity, you are the brilliant sweetheart, you are amazing and that what I have known is already with you since forever. I don’t know how much you need to know yourself but forever is a long time. With time when changes occur believe me things get better.
Will be talking again.
Yours sincere ‘


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