Because all that you write

Because all that you write has to take with all that you go through to believe all that you feel. It is about the legacy of rights, about everything you can not explain in person, about the hatred, about the secret love, about failure which was your effort, about the winning trophy which was your luck. we decide but we forget about it, we hold on but curiosity believes in us.

that is fine, not to be fine and that is fine not to show that you are fine.

Romance is good, and telling others that you are good at it is better, those who say they don’t understand it, secretly wishes for you. Well this is hard to digest but yes that is true.

I have gathered life and potential to believe in that God survives our greatest wishes and yet believes that someday we will really understand what he was trying to do. we do understand it but we don’t want to accept it. yet simple way to describe this is , sometimes not talking is Good, It explains everything that you never wanted to say.

It is OK. to be just a normal ,average and boring guy, there is a lot that we understand and busy people don’t, it is the value of idealness, about the peace of feeling the time and understanding it’s pace, about the talking dimensions, about the dreams that we seek.


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