Well, Good Bye!

I am definitely going to miss My country, who doesn’t but every Indian Bride should Follow her Husband, I left my job so that he can happily pursue his, He took his time to settle down our marriage rituals and stayed here for more than a month, now it is my turn to repay his efforts towards my wishes.

well airports are being crowded now, unlike before when we could see just handful people, I am happy to see that people but from Airport Shops, earlier we couldn’t effort to think about it, Even I have bought one Fancy Sandal, They say it smells of Roses, I am sure after few steps it will smell Socks, well this is a mixed Feeling, My family waiting to set us to our new status, I want to cry but I feel so dry.

I have taken 6 cups of strong coffee, and I am sure my husband could see the anxiety coming, we have family and friends there but the ambiance my own country gives me is beyond imagination. I have had my best moments since I came back in 2009. Going again for a permanent step is a hard thing to digest.

I was rubbing my hands, going to washrooms trying to cry a bit, this difficult feeling in the chest is very dangerous, I came out and my husband sat there calmly holding my Tickets and Visa, somewhere I wished it was Lost or I threw it, I can not Run Away.

‘What is making you break our vows, You drank coffee again’ He asked me.

I felt really ashamed. ‘I don’t know I am Sorry’ I leaned my head on his chest and cried, I cried for more than an hour, I could sense his anxiety through it but I really needed it.

‘Where ever we go, our feelings visits us, No matter where ever we will stay This place will be always our, Think of the people you are going to meet, help, maybe someone has prayed for you to be there’ I have no definition how lucky I have felt. I plane takes off in few minutes and I have finished this post, Bye India, It is not a final Good Bye.

many of my friends and family are not aware of this, I don’t know, It was all of a sudden, They may hate us for this, but I hated them more maybe that’s why I have stopped sharing my life with them.

Yes !You read it Right!


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