She is Jolly Good Fellow

She still keeps names of her kids that gave her, we made memories and we made plans, I don’t know the very deepest principles of life but there is something common in ever relationship they must go through all kind of emotions. I still remember us sitting on the grass pads and make stories about our lives, we both were as confident about our clueless life as a blank. Those days taught me that everything comes from love, that’s the fuel which keeps us going, we keep on denying people we think are not for us and eventually end up with them, I have seen men who kept on denying a girl because of her appearance which wasn’t beautiful according to them getting married to her, I have seen girls going after rich man settling for a loving husband after all shows rich man showed them, I have seen many authors die inside with their stories every day because they could see that it is all about publicity and they have no idea what x-factor could do to them.
We slept together and we cooked, we laughed and we cried, we hugged, we shared, a beautiful part of life. Today when I woke up I realized something was missing, I realized that we are taking everything very fast, life doesn’t need speed, it needs us, we don’t need to do everything, it needs some attention. Whenever I see our pictures together I remember all those reasons I started to write, had not it been for her I would have ended up being nowhere, I understand that we have serious issues and we all have that, I understand that our views don’t match now because we both have been through many places and people but end of the day we both join our hands for each other’s.
I have felt that there are many people who never liked us together and we knew them, we laughed at them, I am proud of her, I miss her and I love her but I cannot tell her, she doesn’t read my blogs, but she is the first one to review every chapter, she believes I am blessing to her and I believe she is a gift to me, we all wonder and pray and we meet someone in our life like this, illusion travels across us and they mandatorily make changes, changes are good if they never shake our roots.
Today when we are so apart, we want to know that we have done so much to each other that we don’t want to share those memories with each other.
Out of all the planning, we have made, this one was the best.
I know we feel lost most of the times, we see that things are variable emotional to both of us, sometimes she feels I don’t understand her especially with her boyfriend and sometimes I feel I might lose her, sometimes we both want to tell each other something but something else comes.
I believe we must forgive each other and walk away. Things might get better when we forgive.


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