The Kind of You

The way we used to talk, I swear on chocolates, I have never felt so grooming ever in my life. Suddenly the weather used to slow down and even the hottest kind of the wind was alluring, I have made compliances of our  footprints on your voice, harder to tell but you gave me wings towards dreams, I am just assuming that these changes are effective, suddenly if at all to find out that these beautiful memories actually takes me to those lanes where we last left and I broke my cell phone and we never talked again. I am ashamed that I still miss you and you could never think of me back then, I am angry that why it has to be me to bear this survival and you are having your own set of new relationship, I am confused why I have to be kept aback from all those happiness of leaving like you did to yourself, I wonder if there is some fair share of living for people in relationship. We both can be happy staying out of each other. If ever I should have to believe that I deserve equal share of happiness as well and that when you left me has nothing to do with me or my fault, you walked away because you wanted to not because there was something you did not find in me, I am not here to please you, we are here to share love, equal and generic kind of love.

Why couldn’t I ever understood that I wasn’t actually the reason behind your unhappiness, we all choose our parts of migrations, you chose yours and each time you come to my thoughts I wonder what do I miss more, you? Or the feeling that I had for myself when I had you.

I want to share the last part of our relationship with you today, about all the feelings I could never have fought back, I probably miss the person I thought you were.

Should we talk again? About everything we thought the world was collaborated with, did we pass the building of our balcony Again?, about our dreams being together, about you promising me to keep happy forever and I secretly enhancing that feeling of beauty along the way?

Roof above our heads might have cheated on us

But our roots still sing together

Each time it shade the night, the sun is always a quarter day away

Hopes work that way, always to be on our sides.

Map the feelings and everything that your nerves feed itself

Will bring you back to me,

You will see how much there was in my heart for you

To tell you in different part we will change the view

Surely we will move as we gear up to the pebbles of wind

The stream beneath our feet will remind us of where we come from

One day, when we will confront each other, I pray that day I am not guilty of losing you.


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