She is different, in ways.

Well, today it’s her again and I don’t know how to concentrate on anything else since I have found her, I find her in everything, everything that I hold, the more I think of today the more I feel happiness tracing my part of love, when there is so much happening around she keeps me calm. Every day before I sleep I think of her, she must have had me in any part of her dream. She dreams a lot, every day when she arrives office she narrates me about what she had watched yesterday, I hear her calmly, I want her to speak so that I can see her red glossy lips, when she is done narrating her whole day plans she gets quite for sometimes, all of a sudden. I wonder what keeps her so silent nowadays, is it all that thoughts I had for her that she knew or there is something she is hurt, she does not share anything with me, she doesn’t.
I used to be her story listener and if you ask me about the best portions of my life, it was when she narrated me all of them equally, all of a sudden I used to be in distant lands and when I had returned this world was instantly a better place. When she had brought me herself, I should have understood, I should not have given ears to ladies who were jealous of her, who told me how she was to them, deep within I was aware she was different but as far as I know her, she holds the beauty of life, wherever she goes, whoever she matter, she makes them live again from the beginning, as far as I have felt her, I haven’t seen something that is so adorable and amazing at the same time, she drives me the definition of love and strength, I deny everything everyone has ever told me about her, she id different in ways but not the way everyone described her to me, it took me late to distinguish between my own feelings and the feelings I got from anybody else.
She is different, in ways.


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