Write because that’s what you are born for, write not because someone will read it, write because it opens your heart, write whenever you feel guilty, write whenever you are happy, write to express and make life better, write every time, write your own story and tell the world, write because someone wants to know you, write because ‘you’ want to know yourself, write because the world is awaiting you to do so, write because there is life in each word, write because that brings you close, write a letter to your parents, write them how much grateful you are to have them, write a letter to your best friend tell them how much they mean to you, write and explore your thoughts, write to be a better person, write because that is what life is cal. Write your deepest fear and wrote your deepest happiness, write and then share so that someone else who is in the same journey as yours will know that there is life in writing, write to forgive and forgive write to move on, write your own story, again and again. Write with your heart and write everything that you are afraid of, write because that hurts and when you complete writing read it, read everything that made you stronger, read it because that is what life is offering you. Read your life and then never give up reading it, f you don’t like it change, and then fall in love with yourself, no one hates you, you hate yourself and if you think that is not true think again, I am not asking you to be hard on yourself but to review your life and see what is bothering you. Write to everyone who made you feel special someday. Write yourself from the beginning and stop yourself from writing things again and again, when you will write yourself you will meet someone who writes like you an or who doesn’t know how to write, this world is mystical and if you don’t write someone else will write, write yourself till the day, each day and then publish, publish yourself to share who you are, what you have learnt and how far this learning is helping you. Share yourself with someone who wants to know you better, share yourself with god and with everything he did for you. Love yourself till you write and read, keep doing that.


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