Being feminist


The real action lies in the word ‘we want to stand equally to men’, the statement itself states that there is inequality in it, unless we really believe that we all are same with the same pair of intelligence and understanding, we are just lost in the illusions made by some set of men and women who never had entertainment in their lives. The affiliation to speak the truth while making judgmental errors consider the tropical situation understand to the further acceptance.

We all are already equal, we believe so but we don’t want to show that, gender equality doesn’t only mean for a woman, it also mean the same for the men, as long as a woman can be strong and soft, a man can be soft and strong as well. We are so perched to fight for what’s already there we forget that our thoughts are the major issue behind what’s all going in. while we make certain choices to get through the situation by the time illusions have already made it to a major throwback.

While we see that woman are working two shifts, one at home one at office, not to neglect the fact that men do the same somewhere, we must accept and believe that we women are deserving of being served, most of us do not accept their help because that’s not our culture teaches us, we all are educated but yet we all direct ourselves to the machines of code understanding, we are happy with the ties of life where it’s difficult to express our feelings towards the authenticity of reality.



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