The Other Person Conversation

“You know where my problem most lie? I thought I never had any and I constantly denied that all my problems were certainly being taken by my parents and while they do so they lost what they were doing and certainly I thought they were good for nothing because they don’t own those fancy cars while I forgot everything they did to make my life better, I can’t call myself less fortunate with this because I was not sure that things like those ever exist. I kept on doing what I thought would make me a superstar and people would love me and my parents silently took everything I did sinfully. Life continuously dragged me to punish me into the forms back to them but I never found a clue on how stupid I had behaved all my life especially during when I gathered money to be my supreme everything. I thought that because I did not own any fancy car or gadget nobody loved me deep inside I wasn’t aware that I never loved myself enough to be respected, I might have born into the middle class but that is not anything wrong but the important fact is that I have learned everything slowly but gradually. Things are better and unlikely to be falling now. Sooner when things are going to make sense, one of those thoughts are forgiving myself for being ignorant of everything.”- from  The Other Person Conversation


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