I have Learnt to Stand for my Happiness

I know you must be wondering with all your heart, what went wrong between us, do you really want to know. Sincerely everything. You might not wonder or believe but every small day and evening that turned into fights and then leftovers, I completely felt lost and unwanted, I had to get out of there, I had to stop giving you ‘your’ part of happiness because that was making me unhappy. Slowly when I found giving you attention took many other important decisions of my life into the terrible matter of fact, when I found that happiness was not you sweetie but the way you made me feel about myself. I let you go because you found someone else better and more interesting, that’s fine, we all make decisions like that, it’s important, but you could have made me prior notice, that was sabotaging my feelings about myself. I kept little time to wait and find if my decision of moving out with everything I had before was making sense, but you never cared, you never called me back and asked what was bothering me, I made no important sense to you? Well, that made me happy, that was when I felt less guilty and started using words that described me well. I decided to stop wondering if that’s where our story ends, we were good friends, we always will stay like that, but when you find me back again, I am sure that’s not the girl you thought cooked for you or made you feel good, that would be the girl who made herself happy enough to bring you up to your knees again. That’s where self-love works, I wish I had known it before.


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