That You will always be Mine!

You were always the part of me, Time could never make changes to us.
Thank you for showing me that a man can be soft and strong at the same, for giving me reason to respect more of what I love you, for giving me opportunity to trust you before all past spilled its beauty on my memories, thank you for believing with my patience and not trying to take over me, for helping me believe in my dreams more than it appeared to me, forcing me constantly to dream higher. Thank you for giving me an extraordinary life every day and helping me reconsider myself over everything. Thank you for everything that I thought a man doesn’t possess, thank you for bringing me back to my God and my patience, my determination with life and everything I thought I would never take care of ever again.
For all the forgiveness you helped me with, this feels right, helping me start my own way, for all that you brought me in these few weeks, getting into you is bit crazy but that’s the best thing I could think for, sweetie, you have just brought me inside out from everything that I thought healing begin with.


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