Though Sort Thee

We are not ought to each other, no explanations needed, no rush, we are not running the command, better to keep legs behind our scales and patronize our glories. When we breathe, it reflects our beauty of audacity and when we take back our life to different paradigm we are just holding up for our scholarships. Wherever it takes us we have the same power to create the justification but we are not justifiable, we are redeemers for our souls.
Have we went to retro and found ourselves again and again to the same paths, we probably should seek out and sort out but we are not the pantry, we are the humans, the developing creatures of lifeless world where life is measured according to the degree of happiness we deal or the enjoyment we throw for it. Way better back and forth, again and then, well this is pretty good and wonderful.
When the flower tries to open the petals it sleeps and when it try to sleep that brings him joy to find itself from a newer perspective, dreams takes us there and when we reach where our heart stays true we get to know each other and then we realize we are no different, just same kind of people with different chocolate puddings. We gather the courage to joule the energy, hint the good ones and shed the unwanted, maturity is just a development phase for few people, sometimes probably for me.
Haven’t seen much of the world, not aware of how things are out there, haven’t seen the places people say beautiful, haven’t visited the most romantic places yet, but I have heard it and when I hear them I can imagine how happiness must be for them when they tell us. When there is so much this world is offering us still somewhere this heart wonders if one prayer could make lives better for somewhere who needs it, while we are ‘ONE’ with each other and ‘ONE’ for each other, we are just very close, just a prayer away may be, just a kiss away may be, just for each other and when we are not making ourselves into more complicated trance, we are just not getting out the old memorials.
‘awwww’ that must be really a good thing to say.


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