Stand wherever it takes us to reach there

Because once we dream it gives us wings

That takes us apart, takes to different land

We can see ourselves there, holding each other

Not to mention but to be honest

It is the support we all need to understand

When we start our journey we take life with us

Or life is the only way we can think of it

While we reach to the nights where we play our parts

Our imagination takes us to the feeling of having that

In the short while when we finally understand that

It’s not just the way, it’s not just to have it all,

It is the journey, the great soul.

Along the origin, along the way, while on the trance

While on the fence, we are still for each other,

Dreams and I, my reason for the breathe,

Brew and gold, the coffee and light,

When things are light and it is the way right,

Dreams and I, when together,

Everything is better or bright



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