A Small Portion of It

The surprising beauty of truth

Not just it sets us free it brings us closer which guilt always drags us from, the wind sounds romantic unless we believe that truth is not just based on facts but how it is situated in the mind of each individual.
I crossed his way that evening and he noticed it, the weather was as skeptical as it is was then, the same bay leaves speeded into the lanes and roads, I drove off his bike and took a U-Turn. Putting my bike to stand into the non-parking area I went inside the sweet shop, into my own trance of dimension I couldn’t find if there was someone following me, especially he.
‘Hey, hi!’ I turned to pay and stuck with his broad chest.
My eyes recognized his voice, same typical manly voice and that was the bit of amusing.
What a beautiful row of flowers, things were actually falling into place, I tried to ignore the look but there is something I cannot avoid, that was the connection we shared for the long term, even if he took a lot from me, from that connection, something in me couldn’t be mean.
He tried to take control of my voice, but this time my free will to control me for any annoying reason was coming into his way, suddenly he thought what has happened, for years he has been controlling me and my life, will it be fair to call his stupid or tell him that I was an emotional stupid.
Today when I stand there tall and strong his eyes cannot take it, he tried and forced all his powers to grab my soul like he once used to, he forgot that a feminine energy is stronger, of all the things I told him he never gave proper attention to it.
I tried not to talk to him, not to show the signs of being weak, I took breathe and replied. ‘Excuse me, please give me some way, I need to pay.’ And I took my side and went away.
His eyes kept looking at me till I left, all he silently asked what was his mistake, why have I not called him whereas I know telepathically he tried dozens of the ways to make me call, I could hear them all but all I needed was an apology, for all that he did, for him he was always right, for me I needed that sense of responsibility for me the way he showed to others, it always have hurt me with his granted conditions for me, I couldn’t just tell him, I guess he knew.
I came back and sat down, I kissed myself and promised that I am not going to think much about it.
My cell phone buzzed and I talked for hours with the love of my life, I could finally forgive that guy I met this evening because without his contribution to my pain I would have never found the guy who gave me my little infinity.


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