Dear Shrish #2

The day you left, I am telling you, This has been a little fight with god, The bible you taught me to the vedic knowledge, nothing helps me unless I see you smile Again. It is hard to believe that your material body does not exists among us, we are here still waiting for a change, a little miracle to see you again, Wrriting for you and making things normal are not really normal for us, we are not making promises but we can actually grow to it. it has to take us with you, wherever you go, to which ever plane you are and to what extent you make your plans.

show me yourslef again so that i could caress your hair, bite your ears and see yourslef getting into lively actions again. I miss your angry face and you playing around. You should not make compromises with us, I know it is false to expect you again and it is against the law but if there is something i could do, it is you sweeties, i want to find you again in everything.

where have you gone, where have you been, i am just thriving to hear you again, make important decisions for us, and unless you are here for us and with us it is difficult to make other choices, make me strong so that i could take myself to sleep and find you there in my dreams.

will there be any day when i will be able to find you soon and then hug you tight and apparently get back to my life with love.

since the day you left, things have changed, the sun is bit tougher and love sounds illogical, the dogs bark unnecesarily and there is no one to pray for us, things have changed and we have grown a little, sooner or later we will greet you there, but i wonder is that so necessary, you are always among us, in your words into your souls, in those books you never tried to complete and into the sensetive kisses, you are the longest story i always wanted to continue with but honestly this is good, i am just not afraid of loosing you anymore, i already have you in all of my bits, into veins and senses.

loving you forvever to all eternity, where ever you are, just let me know that you are fine.


your better Half(almost)


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