Dear Shrish #1

whenever and wherever I have seen it, I have seen you, paying for my rent or bills or the revenge you have shown me ways. the delusion is so great that sometimes I feel lost and unwanted but you come again, show me a spark and bloom me up. I don’t know where do you get this courage to talk to me but believing in me is the best thing you could ever offer.

while I write this I remember us, meeting for the very first time, I was not sure if this will go this far, today while I look at you this little world of mine seems complete, truly blessed!

how can I ever tell you how much beautiful you have turned me inside and that in outside? while I hold you closer I find myself grin a bit, I wonder how much lucky I have become since I ever found you. you got to tell me that it is beautiful to live and to experience life without being very much attached to it, you have got to tell me that I could be anything I desired and there is no way that anything is going to stop me for that.

you wrote for me and I write for you, this is the most romantic thing I could ever think of.


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