Again and Again

Since the day we met, we have reduced ourselves to individuals, based on facts and tables and sometimes some of the meetings but then where ever we go this question always arises, how far can we go, how far can we move ourselves into the originality of life’s biggest mysteries, when there is a need to understand and to find ourselves again into the same lanes and pathways, when roads not taken are made distinguishing among themselves and we hold nothing but each other’s story. How can we differentiate and moralize the need for each other, the human intimacy and truth?

It lies behind every lie and honesty, it is something we could never understand and I wonder why and sometimes we should not. We have so much to achieve but we don’t not because we couldn’t but because we never wanted to, our desires are seamless painful and sometimes their mood swings are better than ours. When we typically watch the clock shut its dial and find that there are many such ways when we could begin our journeys wherever we last left it with and went for hibernations, we come out of our shells and break nuts.

To all those beauties whenever there are stories and partly distinguishing happiness we could discover ourselves into newly developed facts of acceptance.

Wherever it start, it ends and till whatever extent it goes it comes back, the same question arises again and again, I am not aware who is watching this real match and enjoying us playing our parts or whoever is the coordinator, there are better ways to explain the universe, its beauty, and science.

The more we try to find out the bits of its existence the more it provides us with astonishing levels or grace. Have you wondered why, have you ever given thought on why we never get to the point of our origin, why are we dealing with our-breathes and where we go after we leave this plane?

There are millions who know the answer, reluctant to believe in it.



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