A Bit of Everything(A Poem)

My mind wanders to the empty lanes where we last met,

I am not wondering how but specifically it is the only way,

Keeping things slow to remember so that I could enjoy us,

When you have found your ways, I am still forcing myself to get along the way.

Sometimes memories hold me but then love holds me back,

We talk, we share and I get courage to let go the lack.

I am not sure if that is the thing, but you help me with that,

Together we were empty vessels but alone that makes sense,

Sure or lie, the truth has its blanks, we fill and empty the new stacks,

Holding on or letting go? Which way to go, moving on or setting on?

Sure, I am sure, I wanted a chance to re-gather myself, pamper a bit

And fall in love with myself like I never did


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