Testimony #1

‘The day I saw you,
The day we finally met has many days in between but honestly there is no difference, since the day I met you, you were always with me, following me everywhere, I have never thought of anything so beautiful after I have seen you, the day when it was finally the time to greet you, my hands were cold and I have really changed same dress many times, it took me really hard to find what to wear and what to leave, I wore the same dress again and again, sweating badly but I managed to reach the venue, 15 minutes late though.
I saw you there waiting for me, breathtaking beauty, your smile and twinkling eyes. How am I supposed to explain to you how wonderful it was to find you wait for an idiot like me, tell me how come I deserve you? How am I to answer all my friends who always thought I would die single? What made you love me so much?
Little of everything and I have found you interesting day by day, each day you are a different character, from a drama medicine to caring fiancé, sweetie you have made me a better person. I am just counting on days for our wedding, soon this beautiful imagination will turn into reality and then I will have to take care of you, thought of having you always by my side gives me Goosebumps.
Where you were when I was actually finding god, maybe he takes the time to manifest.
Sooner or later, I have you, that makes a great difference to my life, from the ice-cream date to all awful ending dates, I have seen the small happiness that you have introduced us to, how lucky I feel to have you on my side, telling me stories of life which once was a real imagination, I love to watch you talk, telling me random stories, about your imaginational world, your imagination friends, your beautiful teeth, your smile and sometimes I notice your beautiful lips.
You have ignited the kid in me, little of everything, this world is a new place for me.
Not to forget, you are the best thing that could ever happen to me.
Thank you.’


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