It’s Feb @-2

Hey you,
I was wondering how will I ever be able to face you or your need to understand me I have given all the hopes of life after we last fed each theirs heart, where have you been since I stopped reading you but yeah! We all grow up and letting go is a wise idea that describes our courage, I am getting stronger and beautiful not that I am having ‘bournvita’ each day I can still have the patience to deal with your memories. Oh! They are beautiful and needless to tell you how much necessity it is to me to hold on the fact that I should go and find myself back, I am still counting on us.

Here it is, what might help you get back off yourself into mirrors of love:

  1. I am aware that no matter how much strong we are, running to get something shows us that there is a need that calls for us, we always need someone to tell us how great we are, how much important it is to be loved, recognized and to be under fame. I am aware that when we tell all these to ourselves it is of little use.
  2. we all are searching ourselves, in someone, or something, success has definition now a days and unless we get what we have planned to be specific we always feel unsuccessful. I am aware that even if we have done thousand hours of perspiration, have spent million moments of anxiety, have done everything to become that ONE PERSON, unless it is the closure, it is still incomplete for us.
  3. we allow ourselves to be judged, we present ourselves in the world with a plate and everybody tastes us, they take beautiful taste, enjoy and when it comes to review it, they rate us according to their mood, I wonder why ever in the world full of many people we are not even aware of are we trying to present ourselves.
  4. we allow ourselves to be there, always, and not really they need us, our reasonable response for ourselves should be when we can care for ourselves.

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