The Witch World

More or less this world is forming itself into the cunning minds of parasites, witches, and hovering mammals and the testing capacity of each good soul is coming to an end and there are theories said on the changing phases of this age. Irrelevant power usage and distribution of powers among people so rapid and drastic that kids with super-natural skills are under the blankets, no matter how much they try to fight back this their soul inside is not accepting the war, the unfair war. What we don’t understand is that hurting the thing that is hurting the whole human kind is not an unfair war it is just a scene.
Overall possession of life’s contrary subjects where we are growing with the knowledge of laws and attractions, there is a lot of population who still believes in manipulations with the mind. How much you try there will be people who like to govern you, indigos and other special kids are on its trail. People love to dominate and these kids don’t like to fight back, the worst they could do is just get inside their den and never show upon again.
The natural sympathetic behavior of these kids will not allow them to accept their own goodness, more or less they are prone to the manipulations of their environment, inflammation and restrictive stubborn ankles with stiff body parts are just a few organizational symptoms.
Believe me, even I never believed in things like this, but half of the world is being governed by such powers, you call the witches secretly to profuse their behaviors. These people manipulate the minds of your environment, taking care of the dominance, much of your life will be under their control, unless you recognize the pattern and break the connection.


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