What the hell?

What the hell?

What the hell you think I am doing? Just trying to be another perfect Monique with manicures in hand and shaved legs? What the hell is that one fact that is taking your nights out, you are mere a fact but not everything, what the hell is your desire with life? My life?
Get some life, haters! This world has got better than hating me and plotting against me, who knows one day you fall in it and nobody hears it and I am forced to ignore it?
Which way is my way? Have you ever wondered? I suppose never, why would you? Your life is all about how to deceive me, how to make me hate others and still understand that you are my well-wishers, did you know the fact about god watching each of our actions, not that I am not aware of your nescience but for now, I feel not to send you to hell.
As simple as it appears.
‘Minding our own businesses’ takes us to glory, rather the hell is self-created.


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