This feeling is unadulterated

This feeling is unadulterated, sometimes hard to formulate into words and every time hard to explain. A different feeling that talks about us and never mind if only heard in silence. The important thing is at least you can configure this and play a bit with me on the consequences of life’s happiness. You don’t have to judge it each time sometimes it can be a-void but yet a feeling indeed. Why is it very necessary to put through strangers to tell one such word, a long way ago to tell what is bothering us and a little to realize a simple truth.
Honesty is so outdated now, it resides between us now and forever to fall in love again and again, how much hard is that?
Have you wondered about this romantic relationship between us, fights almost everything that is invisible and hurting our chores. The rhythm of life’s controversies and the availability of your presence, I am just getting used to them slowly.
The more you set me free from your desires, the closer I get with it, you push me and it drags me to you, the nature of law is still unaware of your legacy. The love we hold and inquire is as amazing as it appears and tears to wash their appearances, though.


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