I have played with your feelings

rI have played with you feelings,

Yes very rightly said,

They were all intentional,

I am the reason for your tears and

Everything that has been destroyed till now

Is my efficiency with your life?

I am the reason you have tried chicken,

I am the reason why a Brahman like you is drinking non-occasionally,

Yes! sweetheart, I am just ‘The Reason’,

For each of your desire that you secretly understood,

Have you heard that?

Life never offers us the pain that we don’t desire,

Every relationship is intentional,

And what I see in this world right now is,

Each soul is being playful,

Some knows how to play right,

Others are just part of that play,

Your sleep cycle was torn out because of my haunting memories,

Somewhere, if loving you was not legally right,

It  never have crossed over ‘demanding’ though.


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