The untold tales of Love

sri-krishna-3d-wallpaper-1920x1080Most of the times, our busy lifestyle is not a result of life’s painful story that we hold back but the pain that holds us back from performing our own desires. This night, when someone would be reading this and back of his mind there will be a thought penetrating an event’s memory, he might have missed a chance to give a chance for his healthy lifestyle.
It took me a wise time to decide whether to stay back and keep doing what I was doing or just take one more step and jump to the flying machine.
To believe in the basic time machine and its concepts we are just a moment away from the trust on the musical revolution of love and loveless timelines. We are so naturally beautiful that we don’t understand how fascinating this life has turned itself to the original existence.

This life demands more love than we could provide it with, it always chooses circumstances which take us to love, less-love takes us towards more love it is like osmosis, everything is just a result of what we desire, we must make real decisions to communicate with our hearts. Certain areas of our life where there is some memory waiting for recognition, one such face that flashes in front of us, our old friends, school dress with our last day memories, first bike and someone who got to understand everything nobody ever took interest in. Our lives are specifically non-existent without few people, I know we all agree that human interaction is busy and unbelievably therapeutic and it takes a deal of time to decide who to believe and rely on. God always gives us the best part of our lives at the right time who always brings us joy and brings us back to our consecutive life. When our paths are lost and we don’t understand the basic living fundamentals.
Their presence in our life has brought us with million reasons to look back at happy days and believe in the miracles. There are times when things were almost dim and unreliable but they gave us reasons to believe in music and sing without rhythm yet sound beautifully funny. The urge to bring us back to the vortex of reality with a bit of childhood imagination, I know you are exactly thinking of them, the one who brought you one graceful smile.
Love is really important to survive, more or less it gives us the courage to know everything taking us to definite conclusions, and knowledge originates from there, everything that ever was and is and might have its way in future, will have  to survive in the context of love where it could find ways to surround itself with the empathetically nurturing power.
Wondered as if how everything just starts working for us just with their presence, love is so necessary, sometimes we just don’t get it, sometimes it is not the right time for us to go for it.


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