How it is Done?

No matter what, there are people you cannot change and there is nothing you can do for it and I guess it has to be originally weird. I understand the need to feel loved and spread the dozens of it is as easy and beautiful and it appears to be necessary but we can take a generalized fort to the submissive analogies and yet never take back their receipt of reception. It is easy to accept people as they are. Some of them are really bad, some are hateful and no matter what they will survive each moment in regret for your happiness, that’s fine, they make us better person. I am really grateful for all the troubling hearts, they help me recognize that there is a beautiful part of me that is loving and it has done everything to bring back them to their love, they don’t want to, they have their time, till then they will have to understand what and how it has to turn to other ways.
For some their ego is natural and it will take them their self-respect to provide the apology for their mistakes and they might not get that at all, for them, there is nothing wrong with them, it is fine to be angry but not to have someone angry.
Hopefully, the world Is having stubborn people too, they teach us about life, love and revolutionary acceptance, they take us to necessary happiness that takes us to confidence and interrogations of other possible emotions, sorting them out of our necessities, their appearances in life is as wonderful as magic.


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