The creative Intelligence

You sit there and wonder how things turn out,

You walk and you have no idea how he holds your hands,

When there is a pit and you do not notice,

He makes you jump, the lord is always with you.


How cleverly he takes away people who serves you none,

Put you into the group who teaches you some,

Then you go back to people and teach them the hym,

You sit and relax and he sits with you whole night,

You eat and he processes, you breathe and he enhances.


He pats your back and relieves the stress,

He takes you to beautiful places and provides you space,

In your pain he provides you medicines,

And when he sees something is coming to you,

He changes your way, makes you invisible and saves.

The lord has a way, that we don’t understand,

His works are silent but when he does, the environment changes.


You must wonder how it all happened,

Stop for a while, and notice, how everything is working,

Everything is synchronized and you have no idea why,

Have you ever wondered how?

You are never alone, never ever alone,

He knows you are afraid of dark,

He invented lights for you,

He is aware when you are hungry,

And he gets your bread,

He knows when you are sad,

He takes you to a tour.


Suddenly when things are not right,

You think it is his fault,

He takes your sins and happily takes you blames,

One fine day you realize, this world is fake,

All there is you, your ‘I AM’ and lord.


Who the lord is? The invisible force that binds everything,

Unknown to your senses, but reality is his presence,

You will know who he is, only when you ask,

You will find the answers in everything he does.


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