I won’t Give up, I will Choose Love

Human fraternity, franklin and ‘Flintstone’, the time travelling authorities, everything is so lovingly arranged that we have learnt to fight because that is what we think would provide us way, even if we don’t want to some of the cultural religion forces us to fight to eat, our stomach needs food, rich in fiber and full of proteins and minerals, tong is just a player, invention of some kind of manifestation. Understanding life is a craving journey.
I know I am surrounded by hatred, and I cannot blame them, I cannot blame the feelings, I cannot blame anything, but I can do a thing, I can find a way to either survive or change them into life. Surviving is anti-life, surviving is making through the day but life on other hand is ‘life’, it is the music that takes us to newly turned islands, it takes us to the driving forces, it takes us home, it brings us home.
Now the matter of fact is, people we think are suffering might not be doing so, they might be living some of the feelings others cannot cope up with, how fascinating it is to know that we all are surrounded by feelings, some of them feels good and others are bad-feeling-emotions but there is never a void, void is another kind of invisible feeling.
How about the glitters of glamor and handling the envy, smile back at them and find love for an answer.


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