The Better we Understand


Dear Maa,
I am Hopelessly Yours,
I am running into your hands,
Safely and Silently,
make a move towards me,
Make this day in your Hugs,
Oh my living Lord,
I am just Sitting in my Dynasty,
My crown is Growing and
Throne in Danger,
Show them that your love
is immovable.




Where does it get little better,
my untold stories, about Me,
beyond the revelation from other’s judgments,
where I am just ‘Nothing’, no definitions, no level,
I am Raw and vulnerable, But I am Strong in it,
My definition is Different from This,
Even I don’t know how to Bring it on Words,
Probably because in life nothing is Logically Right,
We are just making ways, some way, or is it just Illusion that is treating us Strong?
whatsoever it is, it has something in common with us,
it cries and smiles, that is my identity,
I am Greatest version of ‘I AM’




Oh! Hold!
The year has just begun,
few long hours and it has begun,
do you want to see how?
it must tell you before you hold aback yourself,
and fear the consequences,
but it has nothing to take with it,
what appears to be life is just an illusion
and life is a shot with truth,
we can make the best regardless of its host
making real fun out to fun,
leading the original verifications of life’s mysteries.



what appears to be scary for a moment is just one thing passing another,
it just brings me to notice that there is nothing that my soul should be afraid about,
it will either happen or it won’t.
but the only thing that concerns me is the Concept.
Time, Dimension and Breathes
and we all fight over Love,
what kind of kindness it have?
if we just allow ourselves to make the party,
once upon a moment I would like to conclude
how important it is to sigh, cry and shout
and then smile for a while?







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