The Good Wind News


There is the ecstasy of faithfulness to the life’s beautiful treasure and to the winds it appears to be mild and cold yet they are ‘the feelings’, how can they feel themselves, the answer lies there.
The wind is talking to its mate and is extremely happy to understand that a new life is to arrive, there is a fantastic ‘be-wilderness’ in the air. They are dancing in the omnipresent sky but they cannot stop, they ought not to and they cannot, they are not allowed to stop or make things complicated, a lot depends on them, the air.
Everyone is dependent on them, they are the reason people take chances of living and they can understand that the great secret to life is to bring the purification of liveliness and there is a lot they needed to give forth to continue the survival of many souls, but for a moment they want to be themselves, they want to hold each other close and enjoy this very beautiful moment, in few ‘micro seconds’ they will give birth to their dreams and soon be responsible mom and dad. What a wonderful feeling it is to be parents anyway.


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