Frozen Humanity to Humilliation

My eyes are fearful, my walks are slow,

because i am afraid of the courage wrong people have got

The universe holding the cuddling nurture should be felt,

Let human be there real humans.

I doubt if it is some kind of fun where annotation

Or real human beings are just a virtual identity.

The common form of being human includes signs of

Humanity, love and compassion,

Things those are around me are so vultures that I am afraid to be around,

They touch us anywhere they want, in the public

They love doing it and it is a matter of pride to them,

I wish if their parts are instantly cut into halves and they could feel the pain of humiliation.

The faces that tends to tell me that it is honest and when burning the depth of jealousy,

They can kill each other, they can eat raw flesh, and there is public sacrifices,

I wonder if emotions there are real, and if it is there, it should be love.

I understand there cannot be everything GOOD,

But there should be minimum bad-s, at least some sort that we can deal with.

I want to see the world where there is respect for each other, fear of betrayal and punishment for cheatings.

Where do I think this exists, here, right across my heart?



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