Much Love

The night is dancing, it has come to prove that there is so much beauty in scars from the past, each time I visit the similar lane it gives me fresh fragrance of memories. So fresh that I could feel that they walk in front of my mirror. To the possibilities of life’s principles and wherever I am standing now, this is the best part of my tender occupancy.
How do you vary the significance of the facts because everything is right in front of my eyes? The differences of my life could verify them to some extent.
Whenever I find you in my lost memories it is so hard to tell you that I am not treated by anybody like I was treated by you, so delicately and so adorable, the mysterious facts are not lost, they are just hidden behind some beautiful part of history.
Always and anyways, these ways are out of my ways sometimes, whatever I try to figure out slips on the next moment and it keeps on telling me the series of figuring out, but today when I stopped doing it I realized everything is already snapped and figured, we just try to disfigure them bitwise, each atom wise and together it is very original to be thoughtful for this.
It is time to let go and flourish, all the pain and painful people, with a problem with their ego in the butt, all untold feelings and this, there is a reason why we come to the same pattern, again and again, I don’t know how far this must make us understand.
You know what is the best part of life is? You, honey, always and forever.
You remind me of beautiful wind life offers us with, about the original smile on anybody’s face, appropriate breathe, solemnly the best of everything I could hold, comes from you, sweetie.
A variety of reasons to be angry but more to be happy about, how much do you consider this part of acceptance, your modesty and beginner’s talent, all in one sort to flourish the fragments.
At the end all, it is asked that how much you have done for yourself provided with every possibility this world offers. It demands no hurrying up, it ask for nothing but love, how much simple it is to be unconditional and yet dwell in conditions.


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