Dear My Daughter with Wings

What makes you different from everyone else is your smile, not just that pretty y young lady of your age would hold but the gesture of your soul, so pure and untempted, you never attempt t have one ,if you are happy it follows and if you are not you don’t play around. You are happy because you feel the world around you is happy and in no way you must feel that sadness is your creation, we all are moody, we think.
Every day it is a juggle for us.
Don’t share anyone how much beautiful it is to be you, my love. these portioning galas of modification and the gallery of loveless lives, when touched by you, becomes so alive and understanding, suddenly everything is talking to me, having you by my side is the best part of life that could ever be imagined, not because you have come to my life is a sudden change but this is something anybody would love to feel.
You hold the magic of being yourself, I have not born with a man manners but slowly your presence is making me find that ways to be little hands and cute legs pushing my edges are a beautiful gift. Whenever you are near me and where ever you care to visit, you are my little funny eyes, away and paradise, but the feeling is so initiated with your presence.
There can’t be anything more tiny or fragile than a baby like you, every time I try to make compromises your face appears, you growing hands and the following soul, they make me a good person, I can feel the love from inside and that is good. This change is good.
Having a daughter like you is the funniest thing I could ever watch myself to grow with. How did you choose me, I am not a perfect one, your mom is, but well it is not what I am trying to ask, how come a little budget of happiness be taken care of, you are so sweet and playful, having you around makes my day blossom, given the inspiration of your presence o have arriving you with the monsters of thoughts but your smile little lady, your smile, how unconscious it is, they bring me down to my knees for you, I am gracefully accepting this truth, you are more to a subject to my worries now.
The word around you is contagious to your presence, not just you but many like you.
Grow and become someone that when you gracefully walk it shows the strength in your faith and softness in nature, your character is your heart, not the mouth who speak of it.
Your life is your gift to those who needs you in their darkest hours, hold the sword with the beauty of crown, grow like a princess and deliver like a mother.
On this precious note, you ‘my girl’, should never grow, I am fond of you this length of your body, just a few centimeters to be held in arms, cuddling around and I want to carry you with those privileges, bringing you small dresses and want to see you do little crimes with your mother.
Don’t feel sick of my desires, you anyhow have to leave this baby body and go into adults but when you grow up, let the inside be your own property, you can be anything you desire because I know you will make right choices, with everything, with your life, boys and your own dreams.


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