What do I see in my own eyes with the eccentricity of life and I find nothing but lost fears still chasing my mind and I haven’t got time to conclude and enhance, life apparently has got nothing to take with wherever I stand but it has to take with few memories and people I have no idea to what level I am tolerant about.
I am pretty sure this is not what I have planned so far but this aren’t that boring or less interesting, might be better than my plans, not to be positively specific, today I want to remind myself of pain and tears, how long should I act and behave nice, I am a ‘sady’, I remain like that unless I am really happy, I just can’t behave mature, that does not mean I could not be taken seriously.
Apparently I have come such a long way and I guess this is the time to slow down and chase my own dreams, explore what do I really want even if that sound weird to many, they don’t show up on my back pains, they don’t share a Band-Aid , to be specific that everyone has their own story, but-but but.. I do have people who are concerned with my anger-love& hatred and I think I should care for what do they feel about the changes I have made into my life.
I bump and create my own mistakes, I laugh at my own jokes, I am basically an exam-phobic and it is the reason I normally ruin most of my important tests, my report cards are a serious blunder many times but I hold some knowledge many are afraid to think of, well, this aren’t an introduction or explanation to me, it is my virtue, my true desire.
You know what do I really need now? This world, full of love, safety and security for everybody, happiness in real jungle and compassionate in each heart, this is what I really desire, I go out for hours on my schedule, talk to people about stupid things, they forget their ways for some time, we share a good time, pretty much good I guess, when I leave, they are still laughing, I am not wasting my time, I am trying to understand happiness.
And now the hatred part, I hate it when they don’t get what I am trying to say and I hate it when they are confused and call me weird, what is the problem? Why don’t they just solve it themselves, is it necessary to bother me for everything?
I don’t know what I want from life now, I once knew, but as things started to work their ways, I make no plans, going with the flow is another kind of life adventure, and while it is there, it is quite obvious to have faith in the control of nothing.
I can be moody, I have my own charms, and you see, there is this ‘I’ in everyone.lovely-couple-heart-feelings-heart-wallpapers-love-wallpapers-valentine-wallpapers-valentines-day-14-february-couples-darling-boyfriend-girlfriend-beloved-partners-husband-wife-married-1920x1200


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