Relax darling, you need not know everything

To the scores of all the junks, where things are little not reliable from what we are seeking, dear man or a woman, there we stand in some roof top desire of someone else, juggling and sleeping in buses full of same kind, reaching the same destination, putting on laptops and then exploring the world of codes and diagrams, signals and dangling pointers, to the mathematical grasp to charts of Dev extreme, we know nothing of why and what we are doing.
Somewhere between everything that we learn and forget, there is no shame in knowing nothing at all, we are liable to stand again, rush our dust out of sleeves and walk again, speed up and run.
Relax darling, you need not know everything, nobody does and apparently for your feelings I would like to conclude that at very higher level intelligence is shared and your soul my love, knows everything like other souls, in human gesture, the brain captures observations, it is fine, you can tap into your magnificent ability of knowledge anytime you think you are ready.
Limit not, with what others are doing, gather the sum of love from books you could hold, keep them close to your heart, carry them whenever you go, where ever you go, just touch it, smell it, it is a familiar infant smell.
To be phantom of polarity and life’s contextual makeovers, your life is still on the better ways of life’s concepts, throw the beliefs and walk happily, you are just way too bright for everything at the moment, opt yourself for a new challenge, learn and don’t let your skin feel the stress, you can always get out of what hurts you with your limited knowingness. You know everything at a very higher level, everything, just right time to tap on for the resources.
To be specific you need not carry the weight of desires, the look complexities and the way you see yourself from other’s eyes, it is fine, you are still beautiful, with hard core hands, heavy butts and beautiful smile, look at you, with the eyes you recognize yourself with, you need not understand everything with your weight, it is your body, your creation and you are not a pleasing piece, don’t give up on that piece of pastry you like unless it is unhealthy to be avoided.
Love is just beneath your heart, it is not across the sky. I am just inside you, unleash and break free, fly and explore, it’s you, your world, your own little one to know everything


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