Lying, a Creative Art

Most preciously there are times when  the guilt of lying heads our way and there is just one single line of grudge stays with us throughout our heart and I have heard people say there is no truth or lie, there is intention, people working profoundly on the level of law and understand that there is a secret feeling for everything that is happening at the moment, but there is a variety of lie that one could hover around and with no pace of intention it could be washed away. We all lie at the certain point of our lives and some of them are so instant that we find ourselves in the web of lies, one after another and we don’t understand where it started, probably years ago or probably never. We don’t have to find ways to prove our ‘lies’ which we do because somewhere in the old school our belief with the system of getting punished stays with us and there is no hell to punish us, it is inside our head and no matter how much we try to run out of it, somewhere it pushes us to become someone we don’t even like to confess.
What to do to understand what lie we are living with:

1. There is specific kind of lies, some lies are dangerous and unless it hurts someone empathetically it is not a bad one.
2. some people lie themselves to find love on their way, please, never, everything is fair in love and war but certainly not with the hearts.
3. Lie yourself to be happy unless you don’t involve another person to your story it is safe for you to use something that keeps you going, we all have to lie to ourselves, some of them include fake courage or confidence, few studies prove that ‘faking’ is a good way to get back into rolls.
4. Arrange yourself up with the confidential secrets, if it hurts you, confess and understand that it is you who need to forgive yourself if the guilt stays.
5. Provide yourself with excuses and dramas that say that even if you are honest things are better, and it will turn out better, I understand it is hard for us to get out of certain ‘lies’ but remember at the end it is always the intention.
6. Few people lie about their financial condition, showing off is just their passion, unlike most of the lies people understand this very easily, I suggest you to consider working hard for what you desire and keep track of your happiness, don’t let the criteria of richness to define your life, people hanging you around may not be real ones, there is a way for everything, nobody is born rich, we all acquire, there must be some way.
7. Cheating on someone and lying about things that don’t exists, is a creative offense, try not to involve yourself with it, because a person once cheated will never be able to trust anybody, don’t destruct someone’s life just because of your one simple lie. Always know that there is the way for everything, lie, honesty, they don’t make sense, your principles do, if this is what your life was searching for, change immediately everything you are creating ‘yourself of’.
8. Don’t let the ‘game over’ kind of situation, if you find someone lying to you, please help them, it might be a psychological issue, someone’s insecurity with it, some childhood trauma or anything, talk to them, just don’t deceive them for lying, it could have been you, you never know, just don’t panic around, simple helping hand can mend things for better.
9. love and help people understand that love is greatest of everything, you don’t give them areas to explore their lies, accept people as they are, most people lie because they don’t feel accepted.


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