Permanent feelings from temporary people


Where do you think are you heading? Do I search for the lost part of your own singularity? We all go in the search of something that is called ‘trying to figure out things’, whereas things are as beautiful as it should be, be fair enough and see that there is a little left behind the curtains. Certainly, whenever there is a part of us drawing into the cages of superiority a small fraction of us lives duly on the month’s calendar, we silently wish to make everything all right and we knee bend ourselves asking for prayers. We …we…we…we… so much of confusion but there is nothing left in the world other than us, so it is important, to be confused and to try to find the answers. I have seen people much smarter than I am for now but that never gave me a flick to become like them, if I just ignore the cases of relatives asking me to become more better, more and more and more and so that one day there is no chance to be further better, the saturated kind of better, so what I decided was to stay messy, become little less good and enjoy the smallest bitter and the best to its original controversies. Well! Well! Well! …
No matter what, this life will be life anyway.


2 thoughts on “Permanent feelings from temporary people

  1. Dear Snigdha. The title is very catchy and I couldn’t resist to end up at your page. I can relate to this post very well. I have done most of the things which are mentioned here, “trying to figure out things” ” termed the other superior by considering oneself inferior” I was stupid and I am glad I was. If i wasn’t I wouldn’t have enjoyed the present me who is messy, little less good 🙂

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