Where is the miracle?

Where is the miracle?

I have been waiting to the edges of corner

Years and years, yarns of love-less-ness

I don’t know how to figure out this into words

But the music is hauling and the noise is not bearable

I have been keen with the associativity

With consciousness and collective life actions

To its founder, and to the existence

The exit was simple but yet, I wanted to wait

To see miracles take place, to find if there is a happiness in it

How a miracle would sound like? Or taste like, can we smell it?

They come in different forms, in different ways and to the

Different days, but miracles happen, each moment

Every time that I breathe, smile and cry. Miracle happens

Just a prayer away, just a hope away and it is walking with us

Hard to configure, hard to forget

But forgiveness teaches us various ways of miracles

The night’s sleep and another day at its end

Without disturbing us or making compromises

Miracles happen, every moment, all the day


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