Angels Gave Wings to a Wolf Again

Not to be short but precise that
There was a guy with his flicks on links
His mouth watered all way to search for a wide
He went on and on and never stopped back
Life was cruel to all those who trusted him
The power that he got was from his prayers
Or might be someone watching him play
Around the world, a hurting heart prayed for rescue and
Everything was around his corner
He thrived for food and almost died on legacy
Yet that soft corner in his heart ported him accuracy
He punched and defined him verifications
But angels don’t take anybody’s sin to punish them
A beautiful heart helped him regrow, find his way
Ages passed and he was kept away from hurting anyone
Angels don’t see it, someone helped
He found his powers back, almost not to mention
And he started again…
This shall end soon, and forever…
Because goodness lasts longer than evil
And his heart in no way was changed
The angels are afraid that they helped a wolf wake up from dreams
And god helped, the angels must win
The hearts must bloom and there must be love
No wolf, no wolf and no wolf


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