Things near to craziness, teaches you:


1. A shot of coffee and all you fall in is the love that smells good and it stays forever into bindings.
2. Most probably the crowd smells strange and makes us feel deserted is because we all are afraid to share love, the day when we finally understand ‘vasudeva kutumbakam and understand that love only spreads and comes back to us, things will be fine.
3. Our need to get appreciated brings us expectation and we feel lost.
4. Fear of exam is a myth, it is fear of being known beyond our potentials, it is the fear everyone has of how our friends will react when they get to know about it, it is always about if they will stay or leave, it is never about society, childhood doesn’t understand it.
5. Failure is a human-made desire, there is nothing like that in cosmic world, it is just an attempt, results are not mandatory.
6. Love is not optional, it is breathing.
7. Being busy, or trying to be one is ignoring the fact of life, ignoring people who wait eagerly for our conversation, sometimes just a text is enough to make someone feel wanted?
8. We keep the distance from people who make us feel unloving, because not being into love is unhealthy, everybody understands that feeling without being psychic.
9. Few best friends you develop are from the empty glasses of emptiness, my brother is right, even if I hate for being a boozer, he has got truly good boozer best friends who stick to him, if that is so, let the world dwell into it.
10. Trusting everyone is not necessary, just welcome their ideas and shield your secrets, people lose interest after they know everything about you, that’s fine, create new stories, keep the relationship going.
11. There are good guys and good girls over there, fair enough to fall for ,but the thing is everyone is hurt in some other way, sit back, talk, solve, you might get the best partner out of irritating one right now.
12. Always have time for people who continuously push your limits, they will tell you unknown stories about yourself, listen to theirs, they might be the best thing that could happen to you.
13. An angry best friend is the ‘hurt one’, if she does not pick your calls and ignores, there is something you must have done, don’t ignore it, you might lose your life’s strength with her.
14. Eating is a good habit, it solves the desire to have things sorted, it is like the drug that keeps things on air and lightens the brain.
15. Sometimes listening to someone conversation over phone reminds us of people we know, call them.
16. Movies never change our life, that three hours of sitting ideal and focusing on something different does, try to focus without characters of other’s stories.
17. A simple sorry solves many things.
18. People generally don’t get angry, they are hurt, and they know no other reaction to express it.
19. It is amazing that it takes you 24 hours and more to reply a text, a lot might have happened in the world in that moment, I pray the best things happens to everyone.
20. Know that, you need not be busy chasing dreams, everyone is ambitious and needs their own time to find their hearts desire but sometimes when life offers you someone who brings your memories back to childhood, someone who giggles at your stupid jokes, someone who tries to bring a little lightness, don’t make their hearts heavy trying to understand their staidness.

21. we don’t understand our own problems and want others to understand and solve that for us


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