The Eyes that Flickers

The quadratic feasibility of life is not dependent upon the confused circle of spirits we live with, we all are dead and innocents, and we are lively spirits into the subatomic proportion.
The paragraph of hatred is just as easy as it confines itself to be and in the later part of dignity everybody deserves to have a point of convergence.
I want to go and sit back there, watch things change and still remember them, while I am not alive things will be visible to me, like it is to me now, like it was to me before I chose to land here, like it reminds me of words someone recently said “if you will stay with me after your death, will it frighten me?”. Releasing the pain of being asked this from someone very close to me I wondered if that sentence has some depth or will that ever be given the privilege to understand it with this busy schedule.
I wonder if only my responsibility was to think about it or I am privileged to forget everyone.


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