The Courage to Go beyond the Faults

Aligning the very important facts of life one could choose to organize itself into the very first feature that comes to the mind or simply stay messy and enjoy the flesh of it. There are a million ways to take care of each other and never find the way back through it but we all are different in our own ways yet same, so damn same! We don’t find the similarity but honestly we all have something in common, we all meeting each other in some way ‘is not a coincidence’, it is just an incidence where two different souls interact at very different levels, either just a glance or voice that preaches each other, we organize the irrespective confluences of life and stay tuned forever, this generalization is way too different to understand but sometimes this is the only thing we wanted to hear, smell and sense, on the very first note of anybody’s diary comes the thought of purging anything that bothers them, unlike the infinite capacity of human brain it has some sensible information that creates them junk their brains with divisional thought. On a very important note when something auspicious takes place,it holds the positive notification of organization follows-up. We all make a generalization of existence.
Either in woods or in somewhere aloof it is always crowded in mind with things not present at the moment (most of the times) and we feel over excited with the follow ups and it is not a wrong way to define anything that approaches us with faith.
On the other hand, resides general rules of living and the black sunlight with choices apart, it brings us joy to tears and we cannot understand forms of its fume. Vaporization is just mere fact of any substance that is flexible to convert itself into the purest form and whence there is something much important to sense it is to follow up the events and thus it makes commutative existence to match the polarity.
” I am so in love with you, in love with the impossibilities of our meetings,
In the depth of oceans and our inevitable oblivion senses,
Into the galaxies and tree house nebulas,
To the harbor of gold factories.
I am in love with the way you sleep,
Your formation and decompression of chest while you are dreaming,
The sensible high sky and the partial dignity.
I am, off-course a march to space,
But, we as together make things better,
Someone is watching over us,
Writing the best part of our sky,
The pen might not be visible to many
But it could be felt through us.
We have tight dignity of omnipresence,
The higher unity and twin flame vibration.
Marking the very first mighty force,
His highness speaks through you.
Your commutative eyes and
Captive smile,
Speaks million worth memories.
I am in love with you,
Even if it does not make any sense,
It does to me,
To some extent that I know
It does to us, in all forms
Because we are so connected that
The world revolves around us,
For us and because of us,
The unity of oneness and conscious collectiveness,
Where we understand that it is not just two of us but
Every beating heart in love.
We dive deep into sky, purging the unnecessary
We live and fly,
We are into each other’s mind that we
Create our own dimensions all high and high…
I am in love with you, till all my…


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