The UnHeard Conversation

Our conversation that night he promised me that he will call and I kept waiting, staring blankly at the screen of my cell phone, I kept waiting unless it was midnight and I was starving, midnight snacks are must for my diet and after I started to find that munching was not the issue, it was because I was excited for his call, about his voice and about all those things we used to talk, after all, it has been years that we kept silent and today when finally all my prayers were sound and he came back I was getting restless, awful thoughts surrounded me and I took my blanket over my face to cover all kind of dazzling reality over my face. I kept on rotating all night wondering what could have happened. Maybe he found his best friends telling him how much not suitable I am for him, maybe he remembered some of those bitter moments we shared and had no idea about, maybe he has got someone else in his life.
Kept on wondering if I should call him, not a big deal! But then something in me stopped me, not so the kid of ego but something else, an un-explanatory emotion, fear, anxiety and a lot more than this.
It was around 4 at night when I finally got the courage to sit up and talk something to Micky my teddy, he was keen to know if I talked with him, my hung face gave him discharges of anxiety. I hugged him and found something lashing over my cell phone.
He called, he called …he called. I just couldn’t believe he called, a sudden flash of a smile, big enough, my teeth were visible, my cheek got stretched and I handed myself his call.
‘Sorry… Slept?’ he I enquired
‘No, no… I was… was… studying’
‘No … reading books’ I tried enough that he could not listen to breathes, my beats.
‘Are you fine? Why are you talking in long breaths’ his voice was as concerned as it was previously.
‘No… It is because I am talking to you after a long, it is like that kind of feeling like I talked to you very first day’ I couldn’t be more honest.
I could see him smile over the phone.
We kept quiet for a moment and after a bit stretched silence we both spoke together ‘so…’ and gasses of laughter followed by ti .The beauty of the conversation was just started and my alarm rang, it was a wake-up call but I did not felt I was dreaming, it was as cute as being into real, I have traveled my legs across the sky, traveling the wideness of its hint. The beautiful semaphore of metamorphic lights and the anecdote of nature’s sound, I have gone through the beauty of residing into the conceptual sites. It is beautiful to remember that one conversation, it is more subtle to carry on with the long terms of remembering him, missing something that never happened.


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