The Vitals

You know what I am wondering right now? A lot of things, some of those are hard to characterize but I can feel many of those memories deeply that require no stubborn attention. I know the relation with the ‘fact’ is quite impossible but I have observed something today, I have observed many people come and go but only a few leaves the traces, why not everyone or everything that we come in contact with has some sign of acceptance. I have been wondering this lately, I have this urge to know the growing consequences. We all grow, no matter what, no matter even if we don’t like it, that is default, we breathe but we cannot stop doing it for fun, we need to eat, it is a program we have been set through, many takes few moment to revitalize that all bull shits we are training ourselves with ,starting from mugging up to eating our marks our programs have viruses. We all are helpless, bounded by it and reprograming self-demands a lot, we cannot afford our comfort or any kind of self-centered controversies.
Then will the story end here?
I wondered, if this is what I was born to, or is this everybody doing has some sense? We all are taught to have an extraordinary life, we believe we need to achieve significant attentions to have it, I wish nobody taught it to the first person who heard it and continued it for centuries.
Today everything is fast, to the one corner of the world to the another everything is a blink and we don’t find it magical because we know the concepts for it, magic is something for us that is hideous and secret, that has essence of not being revealed, magic is something that we don’t understand but it does everything that we can see. Magic is magical, it is love.
Last week of it was magical, though, I got to meet people from the different era, I met them, I touched them, it was so real but then the reality of parting from them is disgusting.
I met his guy, appearing from the sides of stars, sky blue shirt, and dusky hair, I can’t forget the way he stared at me, I just can’t forget the way he chews his gums and I just can’t forget him.
I met this guy waiting outside my home, I could sense his presence, his familiar face, I knew I know him, his eyes asked me pertaining help, I thought I needed one. He stared at me innocently, all I could do then was to stare back at him and understand what actually he needed that I could offer. Needless to say, we all need one kind of help, including me.
I could not forget her face, the one mirror reflected to, I just could not forget her, my own reflection partly smiling and happy, joyous and gay. I just couldn’t forget myself looking into eyes and asking some irrelevant but tricky questions, I have no idea where these answers are from and where do they get us into but sometimes it is better to leave everything, stop judging and stop asking, sometimes is it better to ‘be’ and not do anything but busy ourselves with music, nature, and bit cooking.
Life has never sounded this easy, ever.


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